The ducks and the exhibit: Museum Of Design Atlanta

In 2011 a museum of design changed location. It had no longer a lot of money but it looked for a new marketing idea to promote its first exhibition. What’s better than guerrilla marketing?

When Museum Of Design Atlanta asked the agency Seed Factory to create a new communication campaign the situation was not the best. The museum spent the great part of his finances on the new location and on the inaugural exhibition.

The agency started with the problem: to communicate the new position in the city of the museum and promote the exhibition “Water Dream: The art of Bathroom Design”. As for stores, museums have the great problem of geo localization: people have to move from their houses, take the car and go to the museum and queue in order to see the exhibition. It’s tiring. And it is difficult to convince people that it’s worth it.

So Seed Factory invaded the city of rubber ducks, in particular the streets near the museum. Ducks had in the back a stick that invited people to take home the rubber duck and to post a photo of it in people’s bathroom. Photos were posted in museum’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and this generated a viral effect. The idea also interested the mass media that broadcasted the event and this increased greatly the buzz effect.

So here are all the ingredients of the idea: a clear connection with the exhibition and the new location, a funny and unusual event, and the preparation of social tools that create a viral effect.

Simply a great museum guerrilla marketing idea.


Francesco Zanibellato



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