The museum and Spotify: Palazzo Madama Museum in Torino

More and more often you see in museums people participating in exhibitions which are listening to music. A museum of Turin was intrigued by this habit and decided to open its own profile Spotify to make possible for visitors to share their playlists.

Until a few years ago the way to take part in exhibitions had not changed much. Some have even said that the last great innovation of the last decade has been the introduction of the tags below to Uffizi’s paintings by Tommaso Puccini in 1770.

Now, however, visitors are no longer satisfied with a simple tag, but ask other modes of interaction with the artwork: QR code, mobile applications, multi-sensory environments, storytelling etc.

The purpose of this blog is, among other things, trying to find the best case histories of this change in place, and this is the case for the Museum of Palazzo Madama in Turin.

This small museum in Turin has decided to create its own Spotify profile and to invite visitors to share their soundtracks. This idea was conceived both to invite visitors to invent a new way of approaching the artworks and to make it known to others. “One way to live the museum” said the marketing director of the Foundation Turin Museums, Alessandro Isaia.

So over time it will create a varied soundtrack of the museum made ​​by those who benefit from it. Then the lazier or less accustomed to the creation of playlists may even choose to use in their visit those created by others.

The museum will be able to create new interaction between the users and the organization, and retain visitors. It will be fun, for example, to understand what is the musician or the song most listened to, what kind of music is associated more to the visit to the museum and so on. And the museum is already thinking about a contest to find the playlist of the month and broadcast it inside the museum.

Another Italian initiative that may bring hope for cultural innovation in this country.


Francesco Zanibellato



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