Sukiennice Museum Case Study: the perfect audience development strategy

The problem of each museum is ever the same: a boring and elitist image. How can we avoid this? Sukiennice Museum did it with a perfect marketing campaign.

Sukiennice Museum, one of the oldest in Poland, was going to be opened after a complete renovation. The problem was that young people didn’t find the museum interesting at all. So museum’s marketing managers decided that it was the right moment for a complete restyling of the image. So they choose a innovative advertising agency, the Leo Burnett Warsaw, that used storytelling to get interesting paintings and to attract new public. They brought paintings to life to show their stories: stories of love, war, crime, madness and mystery.

To told this stories the museum used the Sukiennice app, an augmented reality app that brings paintings to life. The app allowed users to scan a QR code for access to a real life vignette of a painting’s story.

The initiative was communicated using outdoor advertising. They represented a painting inviting people to call or to write him. The “painting” replied using a message or a recorded voice that intrigued and interested people about the story.

This idea was a real success, and in the first four months getting a ticket was near impossible.

Media also noticed the campaign and the three biggest television networks in Poland made headlines out of it on the news and it was also a hot topic in the press and on the internet. Thanks to all of the buzz, the museum attracted almost 20 percent of Krakow’s population!

This is a perfect case history of how using existing technology, storytelling, and an interactive and user friendly approach, you can reach your objective.


Francesco Zanibellato



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