Van Gogh at work: multisensorial experience and consumer involvement

What about a reproduction of a Van Gogh masterpiece so perfect that you can recognize every minimum detail, even the texture of the brushstroke and the thickness of the canvas and frame?
The Van Gogh Musem in Amsterdam and Fujifilm have just developed a technique that makes it possible, thanks to an excellent demonstration of art marketing.

The Van Gogh Museum, in collaboration with Fujifilm, has undertaken a project whose revenue will be intended for renovation plans of the wing facing Museumplein, creating a new entrance.

Part of the revenue will also be spent on care treatments for the existing collection.

From the stand point of a cultural enterprise, one of the primary goals of this project is to give a new market to some of the most famous Van Gogh masterpieces, such as: Almond blossom (1890), Sunflowers (1889), The harvest (1888), Wheatfield under thunderclouds (1890) and Boulevard de Clichy (1887).

The aim of the project is the realization of some reproductions of these masterpieces using the so called Reliefography technique: it involves a scan of the original work and a high-resolution print in which 2D and 3D data are combined.
Unlike other techniques, this process allows the exact replication of the painting in every single detail (size, colours, brightness and texture), including the frame and the back.

Every single reproduction (called RELIEVO) is then approved by the curator of the museum.

The result of this process is not a mere copy of the painting but an exact replica of the whole art piece.



The first series of reproductions was launched in Hong Kong on July 15th, 2013 and pieces of Relievo are used as well in the exhibition in Amsterdam “Van Gogh at work”.

While holding a significant economical value, this project is also meant for educational purposes, such as the use of Relievo 3D-reproductions for the benefit of the blind and visually impaired.

The great idea of “Van Gogh at work” is that it creates a multi-sensorial experience that involves more than a traditional exhibition. In this way it makes the experience memorable and increases people’s interest for the art of Van Gogh.



Francesco Zanibellato


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