Happy Birthday Munch

We have to admit it, this is a really screaming birthday. This year we celebrate the 150th year from the birth of one of the most famous Modernism artist, Edward Munch (1863-1944).

Norway will be the heart of a lot of events during 2013 in all cities ties tightly with his life and works.
In the seven cities, where he lived, there will be several conferences, theatrical performances, new publications and showings.

But the main event will be the exhibition Munch 150 co- hosted by the National Museum and the Munch Museum  . It will be the most comprehensive Munch exhibition ever with 250 works on display. It will be focus on the artist’s body of work that ever been shown and it will give to the public a complete view of all Munch’s periods and of the key themes of his work. The National Gallery will host the works he did between 1882 and 1903, while the Munch Museum and the Museum of Art, Architecture and design will host the works he did between 1904 and 1944. Both will be open until the13th of October.

Other exhibitions will take place in America, Japan and in some European countries for the 150th anniversary

All the anniversary’s program had got a very strong communication all over the world, but the most important international event to promote the Munch birthday will take place the 27th of June at 8 o’clock. We all are invited to the cinema to see the movie borned to show not only the most important work shown in the exhibition, but also the creative and technical aspects of doing a so ambitious project, the analysis of what some artworks can tell us about the artist, his life, his way of thinking and the historical time in which they were created.

Munch 150 is the third exhibition shown at the cinema at the same time in so many different countries. The first one has been in April for the career-encompassing collection of Edouard Manet’s works at the Royal Academy of Arts and the second one was for Leonardo’s life.

The base of Exhibition project is to make everyone able to visit the most important exhibition in the world. As you can read in its website:

Sometimes you simply can’t get to those blockbuster art exhibitions at major galleries around the world. So we are bringing them to a cinema near you!

We’re committed to helping you see the world’s best artists on a cinema screen where you live.

We know, it is not the same experience to live a such important art experience as to being in Oslo, living all the collateral event of Munch’s anniversary, but it is for sure an amazing project to extend the museums’ audience.









Francesco Zanibellato



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