#InvasioniDigitali: digital invasions for Italian small museums

It was the last April when a digital wave invaded small Italian museums. it was an idea of Fabrizio Todisco, an Italian blogger that was interested in diffusing Italian cultural heritage.

The idea was to invade museums with smartphone and to share on social networks photos and videos that were done there, using the inevitable hashtag #invasionidigitali.

Fabrizio has created the initiative #invasionidigitali with the aim of diffusing the culture of internet and social media for the promotion of Italian cultural heritage.

#invasionidigitali asked its users to fill out a registration form to create a digital invasion. Then each user had to promote his event using his blog/social tools and the project’s hashtag. At least he had to create a tour in a small museum for people that he was able to involve and invite them to share photos and videos of the event in their social networks. The site made available some printable cartel and the project’s logo.

Pictures and videos have converged on the portal invasionidigitali.it, returning a real-time mapping of a large number of artistic and cultural sites in Italy, with particular regard for those of limited size or located outside the major tourist circuits.

To expose its outstanding achievements, the project has created an infographic that you can see below. The site, created just a month before, completed 225 invasions and involved 9,434 people. During the period of the initiative #invasionidigitali was one of the most used hashtag in Italy and the number of impressions was of nearly two million. All at no cost.

The project took place from 20 to 28 April 2013, but it didn’t stop there. Encouraged by the results obtained Fabrizio Todisco’s team has continued to work for other similar initiatives, such as the digital white night of Insopportabile or the European Heritage Days that took place on 28 and 29 September 2013, obtaining amazing results also in these occasions.

The project is a real initiative of 2.0 art marketing that involves – in a bottom up prospective – all the Italian society (tired of the slowness of its cultural ruling class). The strength of this initiative is that it brings together the Italian society’s desire for change with the potential of social networks. So it has created one of the most interesting initiatives in Italian art marketing without using public funds and using a small budget.


Francesco Zanibellato



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