Stairs: music and architecture

Recently we get more and more often the opportunity to attend musical events that take place in the most different locations,from a concert hall to the top of a mountain, organized perhaps with the aim to involve both the usual public and the occasional excursionist.
The proposal we are going to analize today is a traditional one…more or less!


The night is going to begin: you sit comfortably on the stairs and finally you hear the first sounds of the concert.
Just a moment, you’re going to say…sit on the stairs?
Absolutely yes, here’s this new project, with the support of the festival “Cantar Lontano” (, created by Marco Mencoboni: Stairs, Scale ( ).


During all the summer seven concerts consisting of J.S.Bach’s compositions will take place in the same number of architectonically relevant stairs of Ancona’s province (such as the stairs of Vanvitelli’s school in Pesaro, Fano, Macerata…).
It’s not one of the most comfortable location, but the experience is without a doubt different from the usual.
These concerts for obvious reasons are conceived for a small audience of about 120 people, and that’s why we can safely say the aim is not the growth of the audience. The events instead want to offer a new experience, rare and out of the ordinary: the fruition on the stairs, in addition to represent something new from the point of view of the listener, offers also a new sound to the public. The stairs, because of an architectonical condition, tend to create a resonance, an echo that can never be obtained in any concert hall.
It is a new idea (it should be definitely studied) that can be a starting point for the enhancement of our architectural heritage by helping the public also to gaze on what everyday is seen only passing by as, indeed, the stairs of a building. .


Francesco Zanibellato




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