“The Spring” and “The birth of Venus” came back in the Medici’s villa of Castello.  


Centrica has made ​​two large touch-screens that virtually reproduce the “Spring” and the “Birth of Venus” in the Medici’s villa of Castello, their original environment, thanks to the application “Uffizi app.”


On the occasion of the delivery of the World Heritage certificate by Unesco , from 9 to 11 May this year , the Medici’s Villas have become the scene of a new technological experimentation . In the Villa Castello in Florence in fact, two large screens digitally reproduced in high definition ( 5.4 and 10 gigapixel ) two works by Botticelli in their original location . La Primavera and The Birth of Venus were in fact originally in the rooms of this beautiful villa , jewel of the Tuscan Renaissance , and had been commissioned by Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de ‘ Medici (the “popolate ” of Lorenzo il Magnifico ) . Today, thanks to Centrica , a Florence company that since 2000 oversaw the digitization of the artistic heritage of the Uffizi, these two works become interactive , allowing the visitor not only the privilege of admiring the paintings in their original environment , but also the possibility to enlarge the details and look at the individual strokes of the Tuscan master . A great way , this, to make the most of historical places and buildings, by stimulating the imagination of the visitor. In Castello and Villa Petraia you will also receive a downloadable guide Ubilia suitable for softwares Apple and Android.

Centrica in 2010 actually had already started an application for Ipad and Iphone call Uffizi touch , which not only contains the entire collection of the prestigious Museum digitized , but allows you to choose a customized tour itinerary ( by artist, by title, by room , for the historical period , but also by topic such as ” jewels ” and ” landscape ” thanks to the option “Visual Tour”). The technology can therefore be used to increase the experiential value of the museum , though , in my opinion , it is a shy but promising start . It is a good idea the one of the itineraries, which can offer wider opportunities for understanding the complex links related to the art-historical collection . All this , however, is likely to be an isolated experience , you should not replace it with the direct experience and the ” physical contact ” with the Opera. I believe that the future will give us new ways of fruition “in situ” , in which technologies will be crucial more than ever in increasing exponentially the perception not only aesthetic but also historical and artistic of the heritage . We need to make this great little step also in sacred and inviolable museums. Then maybe we could make culture the foundation of our growth , leaving the almost too customary resignation after a new collapse.



“La Primavera” e “La nascita della Venere” tornano alla villa medicea di Castello.


Centrica ha realizzato due grandi schermi touch de “La primavera” e de la “Nascita della Venere” nella villa medicea di Castello, loro ambiente originario, grazie alla applicazione “Uffizi app”.




Link della presentazione dell’applicazione allo Shangai Art Museum—> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhKMqdaoJxE


Francesco Zanibellato



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