MINI art beat

London: tea, Big Bang, the Queen, Mini. Not Tate. Not Victoria and Albert Museum. Not National Gallery.  I am sorry,  today we’re not going to talk about some museum or art event. We want to talk about the MINI art Beat.

If you are in London, driving, or simply walking, probably you will meet an interactive art installation, fusing digital design, music and social media in a MINI version: this is MINI art beat. The project is part of the 2013 Mini’s unconventional campaign, in which a MINI countryman was turned into an art installation with 48,000 hi-resolution LEDs, which completely cover the car. The mobile art installation cruises the London’s main streets every day, showing the best video uploaded on the project’s website .
In fact people are invited to design their own tailor art- beat, making a short video of themselves, choosing the music and the background art that will accompany their recording. Costumers  are  actively involved in the performance firstly using the specific app and social media’s pages to submit their work and then sharing the video of their performance on the social.

In the official MINI art beat’s website you can read about the unconventional campaign:

“most vibrant and customizable NOT NORMAL ride you’ll ever lay eyes on.”

In this campaign we have not only a creative contribution, but a real art performance where art is used as an international language, living in everyday life, and like a way in which people can express their own aesthetics idea of communication. The MINI art beat represents a good example of art marketing, in which marketing instruments are not a way to improve art’s communication and art is not a passive thing to sponsor, but both are essential to produce an art performance and an unconventional campaign.

Francesco Zanibellato


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