Art Everywhere: A very very big Art Show

It is not an art gallery, a museum or a private collection. Art Everywhere is the largest exhibition of its kind in the world. It takes 57 works of arts chosen by people and has transformed billboards and poster sites across the UK into great British masterpieces.

Some numbers? 22.000 posters sites across the UK, 2000 London buses, 1.000 black cabs, 57 british masterpieces, 1.000 individual donations, 30.000 Facebook likes.

The project  is based in three steps.

Number 1: Donate. People’s donations are the base of the project, you can give just £3 (the price for the paper and print) or donate to have some exclusive limited editions designed by the artists Bob and Roberta Smith.


Number 2: Have Your Say. The 57 artworks were chosen from a longlist of great works coming from UK public collections, counting the number of likes they gained on Facebook the 10 of July.


Number 3: Exhibition Live! On the 8 of August the final exhibition was shown with Sir Peter Blake at London’s Westfield. The nationwide exhibition opened the 12 August will take place until the 25.



Art everywhere will take over a lot of advertising spaces across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland creating the world’s largest art show, with an expected reach of 90% of the UK’s adult population.

Artworks and People are booth protagonists of this huge, nationwide celebration of British art also thanks to the guardian competition (how many artworks can you spot?) and the app to submit photos and videos with #arteverywhere.

A very very big project that engaged to interest both the biggest UK art collections and the all citizenry from the very begginnig to the final fruition.


Francesco Zanibellato

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